Chef Judy Joo

As a Korean-American French-trained chef based in London, Judy Joo’s culinary expertise spans the globe. As one of four UK Iron Chefs and an international restaurateur, Judy draws from her unique personal and professional experiences, melding tastes from Asia, America and Europe in her recipes. As the host of Cooking Channel’s ‘Korean Food Made Simple’, Judy is a culinary ambassador for Korean cuisine who brings the robust flavors of her native country into home kitchens each week. In May 2016, she will publish her first cookbook, Korean Food Made Simple (Houghton Mifflin), which demystifies Korean food, makes it more accessible to the home cook, and provides simple and creative ways to infuse Korean flavors into favorite Western dishes.

Chef Michael Henville

The first thing Nevisian Chef Michael Henville cooked was pizza with a crust made from slice bread. If he did this to slice bread as a child, imagine what he is going to do to mangos. Culinary creativity is in his DNA.

He is the chef for the Nevis school meals program and this is his fifth year of participation in the Nevis Mango and Food Festival. He loves it! The festival puts him in his element as he enjoys being around food and people while contributing to Nevis.

Visit his table of samples at the Nevisian Chefs Mango Feast.

Chef Iyana I. Dore

Nevisian Chef Iyana I. Dore has participated in the Nevis Mango and Food Festival for five years and the mystery is finally solved!  Every year she is asked to cook a mango inspired dish but she bakes.  This year she was asked to recall the first dish she ever cooked and she told us the first cake she ever baked.  Not even the Nevis Mango and Food Festival can suppress her passion for baking.

Chef Renaldo Mills

Chef Renaldo Mills is a Nevisian chef whose first dish was chicken and vegetable pasta.  As Italian as it sounds I guarantee you that it was done with an authentic Nevisian twist.  He was just a child when he cooked it and while he has matured into a professional chef, his passion for cooking still burns.

He plans to become an executive chef at a Five Star luxury hotel and he is well on his way to achieving his goal.  You have a chance to taste his potential by sampling his mango inspired dish at the Nevisian Chefs Mango Feast.

Chef Wilroy Webbe

If Chef Wilroy Webbe wanted to escape being a chef he did not because he could not.  He is from a family of culinary lovers and have been around the craft all his life.  His passion is simple, as he puts it, “I just enjoy serving people great local food.”

He is Nevis born, Nevis raised and Nevis schooled in the craft of cooking authentic Nevisian cuisine.  On July 7th you can sample his food at the Nevisian Chefs Mango Feast, but right now and after that you can visit him at Wilma’s Diner in Charlestown, Nevis.

Chef Simon Jenkins

Starting off his career working at the highest level possible was a key focus in Simon’s eyes. Dedicated and hungry for knowledge, and with the motivation to always develop and push himself; Simon has to date worked with some of the most highly regarded chefs at Michelin star level.

Chef Aalyah V. J. Caines

Chef Aalyah V. J. Caines speaks of food with a certain passion which reminds you of an artist speaking about her latest creation.  Of her food she says, “It’s like art, it allows you to be creative by expressing yourself through your food.”

She is formally trained and is a chef at the Park Hyatt, St. Kitts.

She is a culinary artist whose first ever dish was macaroni and cheese.  A simple and humble beginning it was.  Even if she prepares macaroni and cheese for you at the Nevisian Chefs Mango Feast it will be mango infused and amazingly delicious.

Chef Llewellyn Clarke

Chef Llewellyn Clarke is world famous for making some of the best pepper sauces anywhere on planet earth. His sauces are made on Nevis and enjoyed worldwide. He has experience packaged in a most unique way. He is a butcher at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Co-owns Llewellyn’s Agro Processing Factory and has been a chef for thirty years. He is a four year veteran of the Nevis Mango and Food Festival. 

This year if you are not early enough to book a spot in his Mango Cooking Masterclass you can sample his culinary mango creation at the Nevisian Chefs Mango Feast.

Chef Berecia Stapleton

Chef Berecia Stapleton is a happy culinary artist. Her aunt was a chef and she saw how she made the entire family with food and she wanted to do the same. We are glad Barecia became a chef, but what excites us most is the reason she likes it. What she says she likes best is making delicious food from unlikely paired ingredients. The fact that she loves this tells us she is perfect for the Nevis Mango and Food Festival.

Chef Berecia will take you on a happy culinary adventure, so visit her at the Nevisian Chefs Mango Feast.

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